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1304 Wood Street
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We wanted the perfect cup of coffee, so we roasted it. We believe that the future can be humane, sustainable and delicious - so delicious we won't wait for it to arrive. The future is businesses that have a minimal ecological footprint, that are tied constructively to their consumer and producer communities. The future is knowing what is enough and savoring a sweet little spot in a well-balanced world. We serve our customers the future today by providing magnificent, ethically-sourced coffees, medium-roasted and expertly blended for espresso and more that will blow their minds and let their thoughts drift to a future worth working for. It's not science fiction, it's Scarlet City.

Resistance is Futile.

Wholesale & Office Coffee

Tradition + Modern Craft

Our roasting and blending style is derived from the Northern Italian espresso tradition. Our espresso blends are a carefully balanced selection of robust and uniquely nuanced beans to create powerful, effervescent blends that perform beautifully on a wide variety of machines. Our expertise and craftmanship in blending + roasting mean you won’t need to fuss endlessly to achieve shots with rich, velvety crema, shining character of origin and sweetness every time. 

The Beans 

We take care to source beans from farms that employ sustainable practices and provide higher returns for farmworkers, including a well-curated selection of single origin and simple blends that feature premium beans produced by projects that support women in producing communities.

Our Warp Drive espresso blend, crafted from growing regions around the globe, offers velvety crema, giant body and dark chocolate + spice flavors. It’s widely adored by locals and Italians alike as a beautiful example of genuine Northern Italian style espresso in the U.S.


We use time-tested methods to train the baristas in our shops. Utilizing scales and timers, and carefully monitoring extraction rates can be useful tools on the path to mastery, however we believe the most critical technology available to any barista are eyes, nose and mouth. We’ll help baristas understand their product on an intuitive level, allowing them to make quick adjustments in hectic environments. With our expertly crafted blends on the machine, baristas with varying skill levels will use la macchina, le mani and i sensi to produce great shots every time, just like the best Italian baristas. 

Equipment and Support

We’ll provide you with customized equipment recommendations and quotes and get you set with the best tech & repair services in the Bay Area. 

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