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3960 Adeline Street
Emeryville, CA 94608


We wanted the perfect cup of coffee, so we roasted it. We believe that the future can be humane, sustainable and delicious - so delicious we won't wait for it to arrive. The future is businesses that have a minimal ecological footprint, that are tied constructively to their consumer and producer communities. The future is knowing what is enough and savoring a sweet little spot in a well-balanced world. We serve our customers the future today by providing magnificent, ethically-sourced coffees, medium-roasted and expertly blended for espresso and more that will blow their minds and let their thoughts drift to a future worth working for. It's not science fiction, it's Scarlet City.

Resistance is Futile.

Robot Dreams Decaf Espresso Blend


Decaf drinkers, we take you seriously. We know that with so many important reasons to forgo caffeine, there are huge numbers of you who are underserved by specialty coffee roasters. We know because we drink decaf, too. We recognize that you're true coffee lovers, pursuing your coffee passion even without the benefit of the drug.  Great tasting decaf beans can be hard to find and a challenge to roast well, due to their fragility, but we think it's all worth the time. All of the beans that go in our decaf blend are water processed – a 100% chemical-free process which protects the coffee's natural flavors. Extraordinary coffee, no caffeine: it's not a miracle, it's Scarlet City.

Robot Dreams Decaf Espresso Blend


Robot Dreams Decaf Espresso Blend


Made for humanoids who crave that coffee flavor but don't need the caffeine to be fully functional. Carefully crafted to perform well on the espresso machine and exceptionally well for drip coffee, Robot Dreams is as interesting and complicated as its caffeinated sisters - you won't even believe it's decaf! Smoked nuts and chocolate liqueur. Perfect for espresso and drip, great with milk.  

1lb (16oz) whole beans.

Please note: Because of the minimum batch size for our roaster, decaf orders of less than 3lbs will be roasted on Tuesdays only. Thank you for your understanding.

Barista notes: Unlike many roasters, who simply use a single-origin coffee for their decaf, we took the time to create a real decaf espresso blend, comprised of three different Swiss Water Processed coffees. This gives it a much thicker crema and more depth of flavor for espresso, as well as a longer shelf life. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator and bring only what you need for the day to room temp for best results.

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