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3960 Adeline Street
Emeryville, CA 94608


We wanted the perfect cup of coffee, so we roasted it. We believe that the future can be humane, sustainable and delicious - so delicious we won't wait for it to arrive. The future is businesses that have a minimal ecological footprint, that are tied constructively to their consumer and producer communities. The future is knowing what is enough and savoring a sweet little spot in a well-balanced world. We serve our customers the future today by providing magnificent, ethically-sourced coffees, medium-roasted and expertly blended for espresso and more that will blow their minds and let their thoughts drift to a future worth working for. It's not science fiction, it's Scarlet City.

Resistance is Futile.

Apocalypse Blend for Zombies


Apocalypse Blend for Zombies


Apocalypse Blend for Zombies


After the apocalypse, the zombies came and all hell broke loose. We grabbed our camping gear, a big knife and anything else we could carry, said a Hail Mary, and headed for the hills.  At this point, we can't make any guarantees but, to be honest, the weak aren't going to survive.  With Apocalypse Blend for Zombies though, *you* might.  Yeah, it's that strong. Will you do whatever it takes? Then this is your blend.

1lb (16oz) whole beans.

Hope <in the> Apocalypse

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